MetLife Foundation and Accion Reach More than One Million Clients through Training Program for China’s Microfinance Managers

Beijing, China, June 12, 2017 – Accion, with the support of the MetLife Foundation, and in partnership with the Chinese Association of Microfinance (CAM), announced the completion of the International Microfinance Management and Leadership Program (MMLP) – the first holistic, systematic microfinance management training and capacity building initiative in the Chinese market.

During two sessions that ran between 2015 and 2017, the program reached 73 participants from 34 leading microfinance institutions (MFIs). The program’s impact extends beyond those participants to their 50,000 staff and more than one million clients.

In its next phase, MMLP will be managed by CFPA Microfinance, the largest microfinance institution in China, which serves more than 360,000 clients.

“With the support of the MetLife Foundation and the Chinese Association of Microfinance, we were successful in reaching thirty-four microfinance institutions and more than one million clients through the training program’s first two cohorts,” said Victoria White, head of Accion’s Global Advisory Solutions. “Ensuring that managers in China’s microfinance industry have the right skillsets to lead their teams and institutions are a critical step to building a more inclusive financial system. CFPA Microfinance is well-positioned to take the program to its next phase and continue advancing that goal.”

MMLP employs a long-term, hands-on approach that includes integrated forms of learning. Participants work to develop their leadership and management skills, as well as sound technical knowledge in microfinance operations and human capital management. Ultimately the program aims to create a stronger inclusive finance industry that can better extend financial services to hundreds of millions of underserved individuals in China.

“The MetLife Foundation is committed to advancing financial inclusion globally. By working with partners like Accion in China, the MetLife Foundation is strategically bringing financial services and expertise to the people who need them the most,” said Siyi Sun, executive from MetLife China. “We hope that this program would continue to improve China’s capacity to provide safe, affordable, convenient financial products and services to the families and people in need.”

CFPA Microfinance has a long history of innovation as an industry leader in China, bringing rich in-market experience to further customize the program for the Chinese market. CFPA Microfinance will further develop the MMLP program to the local context and will offer the next phase of the training program to China’s microfinance managers.

Dongwen Liu, General Manager of CFPA Microfinance said, “During the development of CFPA Microfinance, Accion has always been an important friend and mentor. Five of our managers have participated in the training program and they have benefited a lot. We will work with Accion experts to integrate more local practice into the international course content, build up the capacity of mid- and senior-level management team at CFPA Microfinance, and build the foundation for offering an even more targeted, practical and high quality training program to the industry, in order to serve financial inclusion institutions and to promote the development and improvement of the inclusive financial system in China.”


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