Inclusive Finance India Summit 2019

The 15th Inclusive Finance India Summit is scheduled for December 4 & 5, 2019 in New Delhi. This year, ACCESS will endeavor to revamp the Summit structure to make it more content oriented, engaging and exciting. The Summit will strive to push for client centricity in financial inclusion through varying session formats for deliberations and sharing across two action packed days. The focus of all sessions will be on client centricity across various institutional channels and models.

The Summit will feature interesting and participatory discussion formats fire side chats/ one on one interviews, debate, Ted style talks, research paper presentations, pitch presentations on new models and technologies, and small group workshops and roundtables. The sessions will be enriched with live polls to solicit participant opinions and perspectives. In addition to rich dialogues on appropriate policy and ecosystem for financial inclusion, constructive sharing and learning from experiences from within and outside India and exploration for scaling up of impactful and efficient models, the Summit will offer opportunities for networking with a wide diversity of stakeholders and showcasing products, models, publications and technologies.

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