We partner with organizations to sustain our work developing new products, new markets, and new policies.


New markets, policies, products

Institutional partnerships are essential to advancing financial inclusion and core to sustaining everything Accion does.

As a nonprofit, we take risks developing new products, markets, and policies that aren’t a fit for traditional commercial players. However, in time, these pilots and new programs may help cultivate valuable new markets or customer segments; we work alongside our institutional partners, sharing our insights in these new sectors as well as the most effective ways to work there. With your help, we will build a financially inclusive world for this generation — where every individual has access to high-quality, affordable financial services and economic potential.

In partnership with

In partnership with

In partnership with

In partnership with

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Three billion people don’t have the tools they need to manage daily life, deal with emergencies, and achieve their dreams.

Help us ensure they have the financial tools to improve their lives.

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