Growing digital tools to match workers’ needs

An interview with Carlos Dejavite, co-founder of SmartMEI, a fintech in Brazil that connects microentrepreneurs and gig workers to business tools and financial products

“Most microentrepreneurs here in Brazil… don’t have a lot of the tools that a bigger business would get. And they were struggling a lot,” says Carlos Dejavite, co-founder of SmartMEI, on the final episode of a four-part miniseries of VentureKast. In this series, we discuss insights from Accion Venture Lab’s latest publication, which explores how fintech startups can “win from within” by focusing on building value for their existing users. SmartMEI’s app offers microentrepreneurs and other workers operating in the gig economy in Brazil — like delivery drivers, street vendors, and electricians — business solutions and a gateway to banking services. SmartMEI continues to evolve their platform and scale new products so these workers can succeed. Listen to the full episode on SoundCloud, Spotify, and Apple Podcasts.

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