Konfío and the future of small business lending in Mexico

Are you passionate about startups? Intrigued by how entrepreneurs get their inspirations, raise money to fund their ideas, build a team, and start a company from scratch?  Curious how all these could lead to innovative solutions that connect people to more accessible, more affordable, and higher quality financial products and services?

Then join a growing group of listeners and tune in to VentureKast! Our podcast series takes you directly to our portfolio companies’ entrepreneurs, offering you a view of the converging worlds of impact investing, startups, fintech, and financial inclusion.

VentureKast’s latest episode features a conversation with David Arana, CEO and Co-founder of Konfío, a startup that provides Mexico’s micro and small enterprises with affordable and accessible business loans online. Konfío leverages alternative data through electronic invoices, advanced algorithms, and automatic underwriting. Its all-digital online platform, low-cost customer acquisition, and rapid credit assessment allow Konfío to provide better offerings than most traditional brick and mortar lenders.

Vikas and David discuss David’s moment of startup epiphany that led him to swap out his trading desk in New York to return to Mexico and start Konfío, his lessons learned from fundraising, Konfío’s unique digital underwriting approach, and what David thinks of the future of online banking in Latin America. Enjoy!

Konfío And the future of small business lending in Mexico

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