Fintech Insider USA: Michael Schlein, Accion

Welcome back to the third episode of this brand new show, Fintech Insider USA! In this episode, we are extremely excited to bring you a brilliant interview with Michael Schlein, CEO and president at Accion!

Sam and Michael sit down to talk about the importance of financial inclusion and what Accion is doing to achieve that goal globally. Accion is a global non profit organsation dedicated to create a truly digitally inclusive world. What needs to be done to achieve this goal and what tools are used to reach the over 3 billion people who would otherwise be excluded from the financial system?

Next up, Sam and Michael talk about what the satellite and GPS industry can do for insurtech solutions such as bike insurance and single family farmers and explains why India is extremely exciting right now! Michael tells us his thoughts on what is the biggest global hold up is at the moment and what areas need improvement. Also, can you say that financial inclusion is only 1% finished?

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