Engaging existing users to drive growth

An interview with Jaime de los Angeles, CEO of Advance, a salary-on-demand platform in the Philippines that is engaging directly with users in order to “win from within”

“As they grow into their roles at these companies, we want [our customers] to graduate with us as well. Our goal at the end of the day is to ensure that we keep these customers with us even if they are no longer part of a company we are servicing.” Jaime de los Angeles, CEO of Advance, joins the second episode of a four-part miniseries of VentureKast to discuss insights from their case study in Accion Venture Lab’s latest publication, which explores how fintech startups can “win from within” by focusing on building value for their existing users. Advance, a portfolio company of Accion Venture Lab, works through large employers to help workers in the Philippines gain early access to their wages. Jaime explains how Advance is seeking to grow — and help their customers grow alongside them — by building more direct and regular touchpoints with their users.

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