Deepening support for small-scale farmers in East Africa

Apollo Agriculture co-founder and CEO Eli Pollak joins VentureKast to share how Apollo is staying focused on helping their small-scale farmer customers improve their incomes

Apollo Agriculture empowers small-scale farmers in East Africa with the tools they need to maximize their profits, produce food for their communities, and build financial stability for their families. Through a digital-first approach, they’re reaching rural farmers and building on their services to meet more of their needs. “As we go out and acquire customers and get to know them better, there’s a huge opportunity to partner more deeply with them and both support them to earn more, and also increase the value that Apollo can gain from that relationship,” says Apollo Agriculture co-founder and CEO Eli Pollak in this episode of VentureKast.

Inclusive fintech startups like Apollo are rethinking their approach to scaling their businesses by evolving and expanding services for existing customers. “Over time, capital tends to commoditize, but the trust that we can build in terms of a relationship — where the farmer trusts us to deliver value in agriculture and then trusts us to advise them on how to continue to make more money — I think is really sticky,” says Eli. Listen to the full episode on SoundCloud, Spotify, and Apple Podcasts, and read the full Win from within report here.

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