Catalyst Fund launches remote due diligence guide for investors, highlights 3 fintech areas to aid COVID-19 recovery


Global inclusive tech accelerator Catalyst Fund today released its latest report (available for free here) detailing insights into remote due diligence best practices adopted by investors globally since the onset of COVID-19.

The report additionally illustrates three fintech product areas with the highest potential to support inclusive recovery and build resilience for vulnerable populations – insurtech, micro-savings and investment, and financial products for platform workers – with practical tips for investors to better assess startups in these areas.

The report compiles insights gleaned from the 75+ members of Catalyst Fund’s Circle of Investors, and critical input from three leading inclusive fintech investors  – Accion Venture Lab, Flourish Ventures, and Quona Capital – and  includes insider tipskey metrics investors should be looking for in fintech startups, and ways of adapting to instances in which face-to-face conversations and in-person observations of end users are no longer possible.

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