Radhika Shroff

Former Deputy Chief Investment Officer

As the former Deputy Chief Investment Officer for Accion and a member of Accion Global Investments, Radhika Shroff was responsible for leading and supporting Accion’s investments into companies expanding, improving, and accelerating financial inclusion around the globe. As part of her role managing Accion’s investment activities, Radhika sat on the board of DAWN Microfinance in Myanmar.

Radhika has over 15 years of experience in the global financial industry. She has worked in the United States, Asia, and Latin America in areas such as investment banking, consumer financial services, microfinance, and investments. This includes five years serving as Vice President of Strategic Planning and Analysis for Citi’s Global Consumer CFO, lending analytical support and driving strategic initiatives across Citi’s consumer finance, credit card, mortgage, and retail banking businesses. Previously, she worked in small business development for the Thai Ministry of Finance and Investment Banking at UBS.

Radhika received an MBA from The Wharton School, an M.A. in international studies from The Joseph H. Lauder Institute, and a B.A. in psychology and a B.S. in economics from the University of Pennsylvania.

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