Marzza Chavira

Director, E-Learning and Content Development

As the E-Learning and Content Development Director on Accion’s Global Advisory Solutions team, Marzza Chavira supports the team by engaging low-income microentrepreneurs and individuals, strengthening their digital skills and confidence to use digital financial services, and improving their business and financial capabilities through customer-centered learning programs.

Marzza brings 25+ years of experience working across multiple industries and various fortune 500 companies. She has extensive experience in managing the creation process of development programs, from research to the actual implementation of online and in-person programs. In her previous job, Marzza worked as a Sr. Consultant in Talent Management for Cardinal Health, providing insights for the Executive Leadership Team to directly drive retention efforts for ethnically diverse talent. She also designed, piloted, and leveraged a third-party vendor to create a just-in-time online application program for all company-level directors.

Marzza holds a bachelor’s degree in marketing/finance from the University of Texas at El Paso and a master’s degree in organizational management.

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