Lynne Curran

Former Senior Vice President, Impact Metrics

As the former Senior Vice President of Impact Metrics, Lynne Curran oversaw Accion’s efforts to track the impact of our work to drive financial inclusion around the globe. She provided leadership and direction in developing an organization-wide impact-measurement initiative. She worked closely with the various departments and program teams to measure the impact of projects and investments, ensuring cross-departmental alignment, coherence, and communication.

Lynne joined Accion in 1997 and since then, she has held a variety of roles. Prior to becoming the SVP of Impact Metrics, she led Accion’s global Human Resources team, including developing and implementing staff leadership and career development programs, which have been critical to Accion’s goal to manage the organization with excellence. Before this previous role, she led Accion’s knowledge management efforts and was responsible for capacity building throughout the organization. She also served as technical leader of the Accion CAMEL, a method of evaluating microfinance institutions, where she led assessments of microfinance institutions worldwide and was responsible for the financial analysis and performance monitoring of Accion’s portfolio partner institutions. Lynne was also involved with Accion’s early efforts to link microfinance to the world’s capital markets and participated in the establishment of Accion’s Global Investments team. She has conducted training seminars internationally on a variety of topics related to microfinance, leadership, and financial analysis.

Lynne, who has authored numerous articles and publications, holds a B.A. from Tufts University and an M.A. from Lesley University.

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