Kevin Saunders

General Counsel

As Accion’s General Counsel, Kevin Saunders is responsible for overseeing all legal matters related to our work, including our impact investments, partnerships, and operations. A key part of his role is determining how Accion’s legal structure and approach – as a nonprofit and charitable organization – can best support our strategy and mission to reach the underserved.

Since 2007, Kevin has guided many different aspects of Accion’s impact investments. This includes serving as the primary legal counsel for a majority of its current investments, as well as leading the legal effort to launch the third-party Accion Frontier Inclusion Fund, which Accion sponsors to catalyze investments in fintech for the underserved.

Kevin also contributes more broadly to the financial inclusion and impact investing community – co-founding an international Impact Investing Legal Working Group, serving on the Humentum Legal Advisory Council, and participating in the GIIN Legal Practitioner Group and the NGO Legal Council. He also teaches a course on financial inclusion and law at Boston University School of Law.

Prior to joining Accion, Kevin served as a law clerk with Boston University’s Office of General Counsel, a private law firm, the international health nonprofit Partners in Health, and the Arkansas Department of Human Services. He had also provided legal services to veterans and homeless individuals and conducted research with the International Consortium for Law and Development. Kevin holds a J.D. from the Boston University School of Law, and an M.A. and B.A. from Arkansas State University. He has been admitted to the bar of the state of Massachusetts.

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