Kathleen Yaworsky

Consultant and Global Lead, Impact Measurement and Management

Kathleen Yaworsky is a Consultant leading Accion’s global impact measurement and management work. In this role, Kathleen develops, coordinates, and implements Accion’s organization-wide impact measurement strategy, enabling Accion to ensure that our work is effective in giving underserved people the tools they need to improve their lives.

Previously, Kathleen supported Accion Global Advisory Solutions’ partners to define their data strategies and put in place data warehouses and insights platforms for data management and analysis — developing a deep understanding of the opportunities and challenges financial service providers face with respect to data as they navigate their digital transformation journeys. She also managed projects on digital product design and customer strategy, and supported industry engagement activities, leading research, and writing of key publications.

Prior to joining Accion, Kathleen worked on product design, strategy, and operations for Mastercard. She also has more than a decade of experience implementing community-based development programs across the globe, on issues ranging from digital financial services to water and sanitation, to health and gender. She began her international development career as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Ukraine.

Kathleen holds a master’s degree in International Business and Development Economics from The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University, a bachelor’s degree in International Relations and Romance Languages from Bowdoin College, and certificates in Digital Money from the Digital Frontiers Institute and in data science from MIT.

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