Julio Pinzon

Senior Manager, Risk and Credit Analytics

As part of Accion Global Advisory Solutions, Julio Pinzon is the Head of Special Projects responsible for managing projects with Accion portfolio partner DAWN Microfinance in Yangon, Myanmar. These include develop and implement special projects, product engineering and development, lead the change management process, support and built internal capacity, develop management reporting, and the coordination of technical assistance and other services. He also provides strategic and operational support to DAWN’s senior management.

Julio joined Accion in 2013 and brings more than 15 years of experience in banking operations, credit and financial risk, and project management across Latin America, Africa, and Asia. His main areas of focus have been microfinance, commercial banking, digital banking, and risk management. His experience prior to working at Accion includes positions with Citibank, Banco Falabella, and Transunion’s credit bureau. Julio holds an M.S. in financial risk management from the Universidad de los Andes and a B.S. in finance from Universidad Externado, both in Colombia, his home country.

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