Vanaja runs a business in Bengaluru, but it hasn’t always been easy

Aye Finance client shares how a small business loan improved her life

AYE Finance client, Vanaja

Vanaja TS’s world came apart when she lost her husband three years ago. But instead of giving up, she remained resilient.

After her loss, Vanaja poured her energy into raising her two children and running the family business in Bengaluru. Each day. Vanaja worked long hours managing the enterprise her husband had established manufacturing plugs.

Vanaja checking the plugs she created

Despite the time she put into this work, producing enough products to support her family was a struggle because she didn’t have adequate machines. Plus, the extended days at work meant she couldn’t spend time with the kids after school — no driving them to extracurricular activities or helping them with homework.

Vanaja inspects one of the machines she bought using a small business loan from Aye Finance

When the pressure became too much, Vanaja turned to our partner Aye Finance to get some relief. Aye Finance supports entrepreneurs throughout India with the funds they need to run their small businesses. They were able to provide Vanaja with enough capital to purchase three machines. These new machines have helped to transform her life, taking the pressure off and giving her time back in her day for what matters most.

“I’m good now,” says Vanaja. “I have time to spend here and with family. Now I’m safe and secure.”

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