Aye Finance Debt Funding Spree: responsAbility Investments AG Adds Another $10 Mn

SME lending player Aye Finance has raised $10 Mn in debt funding from responsAbility Investments AG, a Swiss impact investor. The funding round came in soon after it raised $7.7 Mn (INR 55 Cr) from DCB Bank through a securitization deal.

Aye raised $5 Mn from responsAbility through NCDs and the balance $5 Mn has been issued from a securitization pool raised by responsAbility, which was arranged by J.P Morgan. Key investors in this transaction include the Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC), the US government agency, providing the initial capital necessary to mobilize the private institutional investment in the deal, and Alecta, the fifth-largest occupational pension provider in Europe, and investing in the essential risk capital.

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