Accion Venture Lab quadruples capital for Fintech startups

Accion announced that its seed-stage investment initiative Accion Venture Lab is adding $33 million to its initial capital pool, with the launch of a new $23 million fund and an additional, separate $10 million investment from Accion. The new fund brings together a group of third-party impact and commercial investors that share Venture Lab’s commitment to innovative fintech startups that leverage technology to increase the reach, quality, and affordability of financial services for the underserved at scale.

Launched in 2012 with $10 million in capital, Accion Venture Lab has emerged as a leader in fintech impact investing at the seed stage. To date, millions of people and small businesses around the world have benefitted from services provided by Venture Lab portfolio companies, and many of those companies have gone on to achieve substantial scale thanks to Venture Lab’s catalytic capital.

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