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Support small farms around the world—help provide an entrepreneur with seeds to grow a future and provide better opportunities for his or her family.

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Edoule Hans, Client of Accion partner EB-Accion

Nestled under the shade of plantain trees, the five-acre farm of Edoule Hans and his wife, Claudia, is a sanctuary from the noise of city traffic in Douala, Cameroon— it’s also a main source of pride for the innovative, self-made farmer.

Last August, Edoule Hans opened a savings account and took out his first loan of 1,200,000 CFA (US$2,650) from an Accion partner microfinance institution. He used the loan to build a new chicken coup to keep his poultry healthy. With well-defined dreams for both his farm and family, Hans wants to eventually purchase a water pump to increase the efficiency of his farm and, most importantly, “to help me make a better life for my family—better schooling, better health care, better opportunities,” he says with a smile.

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