$25 to Restock a Microbusiness with Flowers

Flowers can bring so much joy to people, and so can you. Your donation will help provide financial access to a microentrepreneur, who can use a small loan to purchase flowers in bulk, sell a wider variety of flowers to the local community, and grow his or her business.

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Fortunata Maria de Aliaga, Client of Accion partner BancoSol

Fortunata has sold flowers from a La Paz street corner for as long as anyone can remember. Sitting on the dusty pavement, she has a smile for everyone, offering the latest neighborhood news along with each beautiful bunch of fresh blooms.

When her children were young, Fortunata worked long days to give them the opportunity she never had—the chance to go to school. Little by little, she put money aside for their education. But it was hard to save much. “Back then, it was hard to build my business,” she remembers. “And there was no one who would lend to me.”

Then, 15 years ago, Fortunata learned about Accion’s Bolivian partner BancoSol. Together with three other women, she qualified for a loan that allowed her to buy flowers in bulk at a much cheaper rate. With a strong repayment record, Fortunata was approved for larger loans and began to borrow on her own.

Today, Fortunata is proud to report that she put her savings to good use. “All three of my children finished school,” she beams. “And I even had money left to make some improvements to my house!”

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