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Developing and Administering Customer Research Surveys and Focus Groups

Customer research is critical for startups aiming to reach underserved customers: they must improve their product quickly without traditional resources or knowledge sources. Surveys and focus groups are powerful tools, but executing them in low-infrastructure markets can be challenging. This presentation provides an overview on best practices in developing and administering surveys and

Implementing an Effective Sales Compensation Plan

An effective sales team is the engine of growth for every early stage business. Leadership must make a number of strategic decisions for their sales team’s compensation to drive sustainable growth: How much of the sales team’s compensation should be variable versus base salary? What metrics should variable compensation be based on? How should leadership communicate and implement the

Employee Stock Options Plan (ESOP) Model

Excel model to calculate ESOP allocation. Structured after the model presented in Startup Employee Stock Options Plans (ESOPs): Overview and Best Practices.

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