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Accion Venture Lab aims to provide our portfolio companies with the resources they need to scale. We developed these tools with the needs of our companies in mind, but believe that they can benefit other startups in the financial inclusion space and beyond. We welcome comments or dialogue on the tools below.

Grant Fundraising Guide

There is increasing opportunity for social enterprises to obtain grant funding. Startups have used grant funding to test new products, expand to new markets, and launch new programs. This guide helps companies determine whether grant funding is appropriate for them and how to develop a successful grant proposal.

Net Promoter Score

Net Promoter Score (NPS) surveys are an effective way to gauge customer loyalty and willingness to promote a company’s product. A high NPS tends to lead to multiple adjacent benefits, which are particularly important for early-stage companies in competitive markets. This presentation outlines the ways in which fintechs can optimize their NPS surveys, interpret the results, and act on their

Employee Value Proposition

Startups globally cite hiring and talent as their top concerns for growth. An effective Employee Value Proposition (EVP) can drive recruiting and retention, and make a company a great place to work. This guide helps companies think through the creation of the EVP, from initially articulating core values to living them each day.

Series A Fundraising Guide

After raising a seed round and spending time to further build the business, most startups are ready to begin the process of raising their Series A round. Securing Series A funding, even for the best performing companies, still takes significant work and planning. This guide can help companies prepare for Series A fundraising by providing best practices for finding investors, identifying key

Performance Management Guide

Whether you have two employees or a thousand, an effective performance management program helps a business achieve results by ensuring all employees are performing at their best and connected with the overall company strategy. This guide helps companies think through how to design a performance management process. Includes sample processes and rating systems as well as evaluation templates

Raising Wholesale Debt and On-lending Capital

For lending businesses, raising wholesale debt is critical for growing their loan portfolios, but doing so can be a challenge especially early on. This guide can help lending business navigate the debt-raising process by providing best practices for selecting debt providers, applying for debt, and evaluating debt contracts and terms.

Enterprise Sales for Fintech Products and Services

Selling fintech products and services into large enterprises, and in particular financial institutions, is challenging for any company – especially startups. This presentation provides an overview of best practices for pitching to financial institutions and draws on advice of leading fintech startups and financial institutions themselves.

Developing and Administering Customer Research Surveys and Focus Groups

Customer research is critical for startups aiming to reach underserved customers: they must improve their product quickly without traditional resources or knowledge sources. Surveys and focus groups are powerful tools, but executing them in low-infrastructure markets can be challenging. This presentation provides an overview on best practices in developing and administering surveys and

Implementing an Effective Sales Compensation Plan

An effective sales team is the engine of growth for every early stage business. Leadership must make a number of strategic decisions for their sales team’s compensation to drive sustainable growth: How much of the sales team’s compensation should be variable versus base salary? What metrics should variable compensation be based on? How should leadership communicate and implement the

Designing Sales Organization

As a company grows, its leaders must decide how to structure its customer-facing functions: should a single team serve customers in perpetuity, or should Sales and Account Management roles be split into separate teams? This resource provides context for this choice and its associated tradeoffs, and includes case studies of other young companies’ structures.


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