Industry Training

A key part of our commitment to strengthening the microfinance industry and expanding financial inclusion is training microfinance professionals around the globe. We help them prepare to become managers and leaders in the industry through specialized training programs, workshops and exposure visits. In the past five years, we have trained more than 10,000 professionals in the field.


Our Approach

Our global presence and extensive experience as innovators in the microfinance industry form the basis for our training and capacity-building efforts. In creating our programs, we access the wealth of technical expertise and microfinance management knowledge within Accion as well as across our network of industry partners. Our approach offers participants:

  • a wide range of technical and managerial programs incorporating experiential and adult learning principles

  • highly qualified trainers with a deep knowledge of best practices and innovations in the field

  • engaging high quality training materials that use actual operational examples and relevant case studies

  • training programs that are adapted to the participants’ local and regional context

Training and Capacity Building Programs

We currently offer the following training opportunities for industry professionals:

  • Signature Programs: Through our Regional Training Centers in China, Ghana and India, we offer training programs to strengthen core skills of branch staff and mid- and senior-level managers in four areas: Management, Leadership, Technical Topics and Training Skills.   Read More >>

  • Capacity Building Programs: Recognizing that not all learning happens in the training room, we offer structured, peer-to-peer learning activities exclusively to technical staff and managers of our microfinance partner institutions. These capacity-building activities leverage the participants' knowledge and experience and provide the opportunity to observe best practices, exchange ideas and apply key takeaways to the operations of their institutions. These activities include exposure visits to model institutions, workshops on industry topics and webinars led by subject matter experts.