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MicroBike 2012 Prizes

Fundraising for MicroBike is a great way to get involved in Accion's work and to spread awareness about microfinance. The funds you raise make our mission, to give people the financial tools they need to improve their lives, possible. Now more than ever, your support is needed to reach the millions of people who could benefit from access to quality financial services.

As a thank you for your hard work, top individual fundraisers can earn prizes- take a look at the impact you can make on the lives of entrepreneurs by raising $150, $500, $100 or $10,000, and then see what prizes you can earn!


Raise $150

A $150 loan can buy two sewing machines for a seamtress and her employee to fill their customers' orders more quickly.



MicroBike keychain/ bottle opener


Raise $300

A $300 loan could buy one milk cow, a half dozen chickens and other supplies can help a farming family produce food for themselves and for their customers.



The above prize, plus:
MicroBike water bottle
MicroBike resuable grocery bag


Raise $1,000

$750 of that $1,000 could help equip a mobile banking truck with the latest technology and tools needed to bring secure financial services to the rural poor. The other $250 could be a loan that helps one of those entrepreneurs buy a new baking oven for her business. 



The above prizes, plus:
MicroBike 2012 cycling jersey






Raise $10,000

A $10,000 working capital loan could be used by a cement block maker to buy two delivery trucks and reach more customers.



The above prizes, plus:
One ticket to an all expenses-paid Accion delegation visit to the field to visit our partners.

 * Employer sponsorships do not count toward individual fundraising achievements.

For more information on fundraising, go to the Fundraising 101 page.

Each mile you ride and every dollar you raise empowers entrepreneurs. Thank you!