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    Bharat Prasad

    Patna, India
    Client of Accion Partner Saija Finance

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    Turmeric, chili powder, garlic, ginger. These are but a few of the dozens of different spices Bharat Prasad arranges on display early each morning in his colorful stand at the Churi Market in Patna, India. When he started his business – over 15 years ago – Bharat only had enough money to buy garlic and ginger.

    He formed a solidarity group of vendors at the Churi Market and together they applied for loan from Accion partner Saija Finance. The first loan was around US$200. With it, Bharat was able to expand his inventory, and because of his reputation as a good businessman, his fellow group members voted him as leader. This, among other duties, means Bharad is responsible for the group members’ timely payments.

    They have done a good job. So much so that Bharad has been able to take three more loans. His hard work, combined with a little help from Accion partner Saija Finance, has translated into more than doubling Bharad’s income (from about US$50 per month to over $130).

    It may be difficult to see how far this man sitting behind sacks of spices and heaps of chili peppers has come since he started selling a few items outside his home almost two decades ago. Today, Bharad is the proud owner of two market stalls and the embodiment of integrity and hard work. He smiles to the camera – a smile that reveals hope and confidence in a brighter future for his wife and children.


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