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    Johnson Okator Nmaju Tasie

    Douala, Cameroon
    Client of Accion Partner EB-ACCION Microfinance

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    The United States and Cameroon may seem like worlds apart, but being an immigrant in either country bears one undeniable resemblance: To leave one’s home in search of opportunity. This is the story of Johnson Okator Nmaju Tasie.

    When Johnson was 25, he left his native Nigeria to look for a better life in Douala, Cameroon. Johnson had made a living in Nigeria selling shirt material, but the tough economy and lack of access to financial services overtime left Johnson without a job.

    He tried his luck in the same line of business, this time in Cameroon. He knew he could do it, if only he could find some help. Luckily, he learned about Accion partner EB-ACCION Microfinance and applied for a loan. Not only did EB-ACCION Microfinance lend him the funds, but as a standard procedure with all its clients, EB-ACCION Microfinance required Johnson to attend training sessions about credit management, book keeping and other key financial literacy tools.

    Before the loan, Johnson’s family was still in Nigeria. Since taking the loan, he’s been able to have his family join him in Cameroon. His shirt business has flourished, as has his family: He is the proud father of twin boys. When we asked him about his dreams for the future of his business, Johnson said he wanted to import material from China. Accion’s dream is to make sure that Johnson’s dream becomes a reality.


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