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    Jhang Yanan

    Chifeng, China

    Client of Accion Partner Accion Microfinance China

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    When Jhang Yanan heard about Accion from a friend in a nearby shopping center, steps from Accion Microfinance China’s (AMC) first branch office, she told her husband Yue Hongwei, and together they joined a modest, but growing, group of clients. They borrowed 20,000 Yuan—$3,000—to support not one, but two new ventures: Jhang Yanan’s Wujia Barbecue Shop and her husband’s modest taxi business.

    Wujia Barbecue Shop sits on Tianshan Road. Its kitchen, a narrow, high-ceilinged room at the back of the building, looks modest and is filled with smoke. They serve all types of skewered meats, seven days a week, until 2 a.m., and Jhang Yanan tends to it by herself.

    The couple bought the Wujia in 2009, and though their experience as restaurateurs has been limited, they are determined to make it work. They have a 15-year old daughter they are now confident they’ll be able to send to college.

    Today, clients like Jhang Yanan and her husband number more than 500, divided between AMC’s branches in PingZhuang and Hongshan County—capitalism writ small on the northern edge of China, in a place that reminds us a little of an American industrial city, and a lot about the common desire for a better life.


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