Gift Impact

See how your donation can help empower individuals with the tools to improve their lives and build a sustainable future for themselves and their families.

Clean Water, Healthy Lives

In Reuben Mpunda’s two-room house, you move seamlessly from living to eating to sleeping space. A mosquito net hangs over his bed, a guard against malaria. Here Reuben lives with his family. Walk outside and you see what supports them – an eight-foot tall tank from which he sells clean water to buyers from businesses nearby.

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Harvesting Opportunity

Germania Peña and her husband, Ventura, grow strawberries on a five-acre plot of land near Otavalo, Ecuador. The Peñas have used a series of small loans from Accion’s Rural Microfinance Program partner, CREDIFE, to invest in more plants, yield a larger harvest and expand their business. 

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Empowering Women

Meet Delia Fontela de Guzman, client of Accion partner Mibanco, who runs a food shop in Lima, Peru. Twenty-eight years ago she received a loan of $20, enabling her to transform her tiny grocery business into a permanent shop. Delia says, “As a woman, I feel fulfilled. Thanks to Mibanco, I’ve been able to get somewhere.”

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