How It Works

Step 1. Choose a gift

Business TrainingChoose a symbolic gift from our online catalog. Gifts purchased from MicroMarket are financial donations to Accion, symbolizing goods and services that become accessible to microentrepreneurs receiving loans and financial education. In other words, purchasing a 90-dollar sewing machine doesn’t mean that a sewing machine will be delivered to a microentrepreneur. Instead, your 90 dollars are a contribution to help Accion provide financial services to entrepreneurs, such as a seamstress who might use a loan to purchase a sewing machine. In this sense, your donation will be used to strengthen microfinance institutions and help provide access to financial services for people living in poverty. All charitable gifts made through Accion's MicroMarket are fully tax-deductible – you will receive a receipt via email once you've completed your transaction. 


Step 2. What you'll receive

Business Training

You will receive the option to choose an eCard featuring your symbolic gift. Your eCard can be personalized online and sent via email to a friend or loved one. You can also choose to send a print card, but you will not be able to include a personal message. We will mail the print card on your behalf.

Step 3. How your donation helps

Accion helps provide loans and other financial services to microentrepreneurs around the world. Access to financial services and education enables microentrepreneurs to build sustainable businesses. We direct donations to microfinance programs in the areas of greatest need, ensuring your donation has a maximum impact on the people we serve.


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