Mission & Objectives

The Council of Microfinance Equity Funds (CMEF) serves as a valued forum for leading microfinance equity investors who are pursuing double-bottom line goals. By helping Council members deepen their relationships with their investee MFIs, enhance the performance of their investments and develop best practices and standards, the CMEF aims to ultimately strengthen the microfinance industry and advance the expansion of commercial microfinance. 

The Council’s purpose is:

  1. To articulate and disseminate the CMEF’s members’ knowledge and expertise about equity investing in microfinance, both amongst themselves and to other industry stakeholders, through forward-looking research and publications;

  2. To lead and engage Council members in active dialogue about current challenges, trends and forecasts regarding microfinance – through both in-person meetings and on-going working groups – in order to facilitate learning, sharing and exchange about the future path of the sector;

  3. To act as the primary, “go-to” resource for fund managers and the industry for the development of best practices and industry initiatives regarding microfinance investment, by serving both as a portal to, and voice for, equity fund managers.


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