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    Compartamos Banco Reaches One Million Client Target

    Mexico City, Mexico – August 28 2008 – Banco Compartamos, S.A. Institución de
    Banca Múltiple (“Compartamos” or “the Company”) (BMV:COMPART) today
    announced, that it had reached one of the Company’s most important goals since its
    inception: to reach the target of one million active clients. Since its beginning,
    Compartamos has been certain that its objective of creating social value is to give
    financial services access to the greatest number of people, in the least amount of
    time. Reaching the one million client mark is evidence of the value the Company has
    created in the lives of its clients.

    Mr. Fernando Alvarez Toca, Chief Financial Officer, emphasized the importance of this
    achievement, “This figure is not just a number, behind each one of these loans is a
    person, a home or a family that found in Compartamos the opportunity to strengthen
    their business and thus, together with their personal efforts, to have the ability to
    improve the quality of life of their families so that they can develop as better human

    “To reach one million clients fills us with pride, but it also obligates us to double our
    efforts,” stated Mr. Alvarez. “There continues to be a large market for us to reach in
    Mexico and this is one of the reasons that will allow us to maintain growth in the
    coming years.”

    Mr. Alvarez also mentioned that the one million client goal is also an indicator of the
    Company’s excellent execution of the business model. “Our clients have very good
    credit quality, with NPL’s of only 1.38% at June 2008. In the midst of the banking
    industry’s financial crisis, Compartamos is consolidating as the strongest microfinance
    institution in Mexico in terms of growth and with excellent future potential”.
    He also mentioned the important role that the Company’s employees play in
    Compartamos’ business model.

    “The quality of client service is based on personalized treatment, and this would not
    be possible without the daily effort of our employees. Undoubtedly, it is thanks to
    them that we are able to achieve this goal.”

    He concluded by also thanking all who have been involved in making the goal a
    reality, “To all our employees, shareholders and friends, but above all, our clients, we
    want to extend our deepest appreciation for putting their trust in us and giving
    Compartamos the opportunity to serve them.”

    For more information visit or contact:

    Daniel Manrique Inés Robles
    Media Relations De la Calle, Madrazo, Mancera, S.C.
    Compartamos Banco 1084 2102
    Insurgentes Sur 553, Ciudad de México, México
    T: +52 (55) 5276-7250 Ext. 7353

    Compartamos Banco genera oportunidades de desarrollo a través de servicios
    financieros a personas de segmentos populares, que permiten a nuestros
    clientes invertir en su activo más importante: ellos mismos. Lo hacemos
    mediante redes sociales y un modelo de negocio que genera valor social,
    económico y humano.