Accion Microfinanças

Accion Microfinanças is a state-of-the-art microfinance institution that seeks to meet the demand for microfinance in and around Manaus, Brazil. It will also, eventually, provide an array of non-credit financial services. Through Accion Microfinanças, Accion also hopes to support businesses that can stem the tide of environmental degradation throughout Brazil’s northern Amazon region.

Key Indicators as of September 2014
Active Borrowers: 2,930
Average Loan: $1,065
Amount Loaned: $3,824,000
Active Portfolio: $3,119,000


Accion Microfinanças was officially established in December of 2010 and disbursed its first loan in February of 2011. Accion is a majority owner of Accion Microfinanças. It is the second microfinance institution for which Accion is the owner-operator. In this role, Accion can leverage philanthropic support to pilot new methods and technologies designed to ultimately drive down cost and increase efficiency and share findings with the microfinance industry.

In addition to its capital investment, Accion is providing technical assistance in several areas, such as organizational development, management information systems, credit methodology, risk management systems and tools, development and use of alternative delivery channels for loan disbursement and repayment, etc.

Accion Microfinanças serves microentrepreneurs in the commerce, service and production sectors. Clients range from small street vendors to small business owners.


Accion Microfinanças

Avenida Djalma Batista 946 – Sala 8 e 9, Nossa Senhora das Graças,
Manaus – AM, CEP 69053-110, Brazil