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Microfinance Clients Bringing savings circles online

We're excited to welcome Accion Venture Lab's newest investee company, eMoneyPool, which has an innovative new digital model for a centuries-old savings technique employed widely by people without access to bank savings products. eMoneyPool has taken “savings circles” – a model in which members make regular contributions of a fixed amount to a “pool” and receive cyclical, pooled payouts as loans – online. Users can invite friends from their social networks to join their savings circles, and can access larger pools of money by connecting to a marketplace outside their own network.

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Woman with Mobile Making digital money transfer affordable

Digital money transfer may not sound glamorous, but when it means providing a safe and affordable way to send money – especially for the 2.5 billion people worldwide with no bank account – it most certainly piques our interest. Azimo is a digital money transfer start-up with big plans for expansion, and we are pleased to share that Accion’s Frontier Investments Group is part of their recent funding round, led by Greycoft Partners. With U.S. $10 million in new funding, Azimo is positioned to expand its customer base and provide a vital service to customers around the globe.

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TrainingSpreading financial literacy in India

Informed, effective consumers of financial services are likely to make more savvy decisions as they chart their course to financial security. In India, Accion is offering a new, three-day training program called Money Plan to professionals working with low-income consumers of financial services. That way, they can deliver effective financial literacy programs within their organizations and, in turn, help consumers improve their ability to manage their personal and household finances.

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Educate Yourself

China Looking beyond scale to measure social impact

How can nonprofits measure social impact? Paul Breloff and Rishabh Khosla from Accion Venture Lab make the case that, even though not all organizations reach scale, their innovations can have a tremendous impact by informing, inspiring, and instructing others’ efforts in building robust sectors that address the needs of the poor.

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Children Global Money Week encourages financial education for children

Do the children in your life have a plan for their financial future? Even when income is low, it’s important to build good financial habits, like budgeting and saving for an emergency. Global Money Week, held this year from March 10–17, aimed to reach 112 countries, 485 organizations, and 2 million children with financial education. That’s an effort we can all get behind!

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Success Story

Forging two family businesses in Guatemala

Meet Alfredo Hernandez and Silvia Perez, proud parents to a beautiful young family in Guatemala and excellent business partners. Alfredo is an expert craftsman who builds antique furniture, and Silvia uses a traditional backstrap loom (made by Alfredo) to weave intricate Mayan fabrics.

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Support Us

Access to financial services isn’t enough – those services must be delivered with respect and transparency

It’s not too late to support client protection in honor of World Consumer Rights Day. Your contribution will ensure that microfinance clients are treated fairly across the industry.

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Work With Us

Accion is hiring!

Lead Specialist for Eastern Europe and Central Asia – Smart Campaign, Center for Financial Inclusion

Washington, DC

Project Budget Specialist – Finance

Boston, MA

Internal Communications Associate – Communications

Boston, MA

Upcoming Events

8th Annual Penn Microfinance Conference

Philadelphia, PA
March 29, 2014
Elisabeth Rhyne, managing director of the Center for Financial Inclusion at Accion, will be the keynote speaker at this event. Registration is only $10; click here to attend.

Harvard Social Enterprise Conference

Cambridge, MA
March 29–30, 2014

Accion’s Money Plan – Financial Literacy Training for Professionals and Institutions

New Delhi, India
April 3–5, 2014
This new, three-day financial literacy training course, produced and facilitated by Accion’s Client Education team, is dedicated to educating professionals and institutions so that they can deliver effective and meaningful financial literacy education.

Mobile Money Americas

Mexico City, Mexico
April 7–9, 2014
Accion will be the exclusive Microfinance Partner at this event. Carol Caruso, SVP of Technology and Channels for Accion, will speak about the challenges facing consumer adoption of banking technology.

Sankalp Unconvention Summit

Mumbai, India
April 9–11, 2014
Accion is pleased to be a Support Partner of this year’s Unconvention Summit. Paul Breloff, VP of Accion Venture Lab, will speak about how the industry can better support socially innovative start-ups with the funding and advisory support they need to grow.

Harvard Business School – Accion Program on Strategic Leadership in Inclusive Finance

Boston, MA
April 21–26, 2014

Milken Institute Global Conference

Los Angeles, CA
April 27–30, 2014
Accion President & CEO Michael Schlein will speak about impact investing at this premier event, which focuses on the intersection of business and public policy.

Designing for Adoption and Scale

Mumbai, India
May 7–8, 2014
This interactive, two-day event is for senior leaders from organizations delivering financial services to the poor, and is co-hosted by Grameen Foundation and Citi Foundation. To nominate potential attendees, click here.

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Accion is a global nonprofit dedicated to creating a financially inclusive world where people have the financial tools they need to improve their lives. We are building the next generation of top-tier microfinance institutions, investing in and accelerating start-up companies that serve the poor through our impact-investing initiatives, and helping to create a strong industry with high standards. Over more than 50 years, Accion has helped create 63 microfinance institutions in 32 countries on four continents that today reach millions of clients. The Accion U.S. Network is the largest microfinance network in the United States and has served hundreds of thousands of clients with loans and support. For further information, visit


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