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Monsurat Thomas Strengthening Nigeria’s schools

When we visited clients of Accion Microfinance Bank in Lagos, Nigeria earlier this year, we were met with hot weather, friendly faces, and successful small businesses of all sorts. We also met Monsurat Thomas, an inspiring entrepreneur who is as invested in the success of her business as she is in the success of her young customers! Bolafade Primary School started out small, but thanks to Monsurat’s hard work and support from AMfB, the school educates nearly 500 students between the ages of 1 ½ and 10.

What’s next for Bolafade Primary School? Watch the video for the story »

Roy Jacobowitz Remembering Roy Jacobowitz

The Accion community is coming together to remember the legacy of Roy Jacobowitz, who passed away on May 30. Roy gave 21 enormously dedicated years to Accion, most recently as Senior Advisor to the President. He personified our passion for social change and lived Accion's mission to give people the financial tools they need to improve their lives. Roy was larger than life. He was a relentless optimist, and his incredible gifts for sharing that optimism and his passion were seen and felt by all who knew him. That he used those gifts not only in service to Accion but also to challenge and drive Accion forward for so many years is truly worth celebrating. We’ll miss you, Roy.

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AMC clientAccion Microcredit China receives two awards from the Chinese government

Accion Microcredit China (AMC) was established just five years ago to serve low-income entrepreneurs in Inner Mongolia. The staff’s tireless efforts to provide high-quality service to its clients has recently been recognized by the Chinese government in the form of two awards: one for its “Outstanding Contribution in Finance,” from the Chifeng People’s Municipal Government and one for its “Outstanding Contribution of Finance-Supportive to Prefecture Economy Development,” from the Inner Mongolia People’s Municipal Government. AMC is now serving close to 2,000 clients in and around Chifeng.

Watch a video about an AMC client and musician who has put his loan to great use »

Smart Certification LogoFour microfinance institutions certified for client protection

The Smart Campaign recently announced that four additional institutions have been certified by independent rating agencies for achieving high standards of client protection, bringing the total number of certified institutions to 18. The newly-certified microfinance institutions are: Opportunity Bank, in Serbia; Arvand, in Tajikistan; Bai Tushum Bank, in Kyrgyzstan; and Kompanion, in Kyrgyzstan. Click here to see the full list of Client Protection Certified institutions.

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Nigeria internet cafe What does responsible microfinance mean for Nigeria?

Accion Ambassador Efosa Ojomo recently arrived at Accion Microfinance Bank in Lagos to begin work on building a sales strategy for improving the uptake of mobile banking products. He will also be evaluating the impact of AMfB’s work by analyzing the income growth of its clients over the last seven years. Efosa left Nigeria 14 years ago; in his first post on the Accion Ambassadors blog, he writes about the importance of microfinance to the future of Nigeria.

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Website Selling sheep on Instagram and sending virtual gifts to karaoke singers in the new mobile internet economy

As mobile internet access becomes increasingly common around the world, more people are turning to existing platforms to do business in creative and sometimes unexpected ways. By using existing platforms such as Instagram and Facebook, the need for a unique business website is eliminated – and people are able to connect more readily to the goods and services they need. This post on the CFI Blog gives some insight into why the mobile web stands to transform the global economy and enhance the accessibility of financial services worldwide.

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Success Story

A family builds a new home in New Delhi

Kusum Lata works in auto parts manufacturing, and serves as the primary borrower on her family’s home loan with Shubham Housing Development Finance Company. Kusum is bright and hardworking – and proud of the new home that her family is building.

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Africa CEO Roundtable & Conference on Corporate Sustainability & Responsibility (AR-CSRTM)

Calabar, Nigeria
June 19–20, 2014
Brian Kuwik, Accion’s Senior Vice President and Regional Head for Africa, speaker.

Boulder Microfinance Training Program

Turin, Italy
July 7–25, 2014
Accion’s Deborah Drake, Valerie Kindt and Nino Mesarina are among this year’s teachers.

Asian Microfinance Forum

Shanghai, China
August 4–8, 2014
Radhika Schroff, Accion’s Vice President and Senior Investment Officer for Global Investments, panelist.


Las Vegas, NV
November 2–6, 2014
We are extending the 20 percent ticket discount to the Accion community! To take advantage of the discount, visit the registration website and enter the discount code “ACCION20”. Speakers from Accion will include Michael Schlein, president and CEO, Monica Brand, managing director of Accion’s Frontier Investment Group, and Paul Breloff, managing director of the Accion Venture Lab.

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