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April 2013
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What is the real impact of microfinance in the U.S.?

MicroTracker infographic

If you were looking for evidence that microfinance does indeed help create jobs, here’s your answer: According to a recent study conducted by Accion, Opportunity Fund and the Aspen Institute, microloans from Accion create or sustain 5.6 jobs on average. Additionally, results indicate that microloans contribute to an increase in small business owner take-home pay, as well as business growth and expansion. Visit the Accion U.S. Network site for the full study and the infographic >

What does a financially inclusive world look like?

Michael Schlein

Accion President and CEO Michael Schlein recently wrote in McKinsey’s Voices on Society, “Modern financial markets exclude billions of the world’s poor. That’s a failure of those markets—and a failure of imagination.” He also discusses Accion’s approach to building strong microfinance institutions and how we are working toward building a financially inclusive world. Read the piece on the McKinsey website to learn more >

Training microfinance staff and clients in Brazil

Loan officers in Brazil

An MFI isn’t successful unless it's supported by effective and talented staff—and its clients can’t be successful either unless they have sound financial management and business skills. Citi Brazil shares this belief—which is why they have funded our client education and MFI staff training efforts in Brazil. Learn more about our training efforts on our website >

Educate Yourself

April is the Month of Microfinance

Client and loan officer

Join us in celebrating the Month of Microfinance throughout April. We are hosting activities and sharing resources to help you learn more about our work and about the power of microfinance—and there is still time to get involved! Reach out to us on Facebook or Twitter.

A 'minute' of financial inclusion

Michael Schlein and client

We aim to build a world in which every person has access to a full range of financial products and services. In the newest edition of 'Microfinance Minutes,' Accion President and CEO Michael Schlein discusses the challenges of this work—and what he sees as the most rewarding parts of it. Watch the video, and others from the series, on our website >

Upcoming Events

Impact Investing: Pioneering Past, Promising Future
April 17, 2013
San Francisco, California
Accion President and CEO Michael Schlein will provide a behind-the-scenes look at how the microfinance industry harnesses funding from socially-minded investors, and how these investors are now fueling the next great advances in the ways financial services are provided to the world's poorest people.

World Economic Forum on Latin America 2013
April 23-25, 2013
Lima, Peru
Under the theme 'Delivering Growth, Strengthening Societies,' regional and global leaders will discuss the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead in Latin America. Accion President and CEO Michael Schlein will speak on a panel dedicated to new financing mechanisms in the region.

Extreme Inclusion: Development, Dignity and Financial Services
May 2-3, 2013
Medford, Massachusetts
This conference will bring together students and practitioners to discuss innovations in financial access. This event is free and open to the public on May 2, with invitation-only roundtables taking place on May 3. Elisabeth Rhyne, Managing Director of the Center for Financial Inclusion at Accion, will be presenting.

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Support Us Find the perfect Mother's Day gift at MicroMarket

Green peppers

With selections like seeds and jewelry-making supplies, you are sure to find the perfect gift for Mom at MicroMarket! Your purchase directly supports our work to further financial access and create opportunity around the globe. 

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Success Story The promise of real capital in Yuanbaoshan, China

Yan Rong Ma

Yan Rong Ma and her huband run a shop selling religious items in Inner Mongolia, and are also successful clients of Accion Microfinance China (AMC). When they first started out, inventory was lacking and profits were inconsistent. With a small loan from AMC, the couple has been able to maintain an eye-catching inventory of fragrant incense, Buddha statues, and educational books.

Read Yan Rong Ma's story on our website >

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