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Accion’s Global Advisory Solutions team combines cutting-edge innovation, deep understanding of client need, and lessons learned from financial service providers around the world to develop programs, tools, and resources for industry-wide use.

Guides, Toolkits, and Case Studies

Digital Financial Services (DFS) Toolkit for Financial Institutions: Provides best practices and key activities to successfully plan, pilot, roll-out, and operate scalable and effective digital delivery channels (e.g., mobile banking, mobile point of sale, agent banking, and other forms of branchless banking).

  • Digital Financial Services (DFS) Toolkit for Financial Institutions (pdf) - provides an overview of the DFS Toolkit methodology and description of the activities to be completed in each phase.
    • Draft Project Charter: template to document initial project planning and and begin to outline objectives, budget, roles and responsibilities, etc. to ensure internal alignment and cross-departmental buy-in.

    • Internal Analysis: guidance tool to help a financial institution review the readiness of its existing infrastructure (policies, technology and business operations) to support the new channel, outline the required additions or changes to that infrastructure to successfully launch the channel, and assess the stakeholder buy-in and existing human resources capacity (availability and know-how) to support the different aspects of implementing and launching the channel.

    • External Analysis: guidance tool for the analysis of the regulatory, technological, competitive, and collaborative opportunities, as well as demographic and cultural factors that will help drive the adoption of the target channels.

    • Channel Diagnosis Framework: guidance tool to facilitate assessment and diagnosis of existing digital channels and understand how a proposed new channel will complement current offerings.

    • High Level Business Case: Excel template helps financial institutions conduct a cost/benefit analysis of channels being planned. The purpose of this document is to help obtain board approval to proceed to the next step, to build a detailed business case and plan for piloting and implementation.

    • Overview Feasibility Study Findings: template to summarize activities completed in the feasibility study phase of potential new DFS channel deployment or channel enhancement, to be used to present results and provide recommendations to senior management or the Board.

    • Go/How-to-Go Decision Tool: template to summarize high level results of the feasibility study and evaluate recommendations to make “go/no go” and “how to go” decisions regarding a potential new channel deployment.


Operational and Credit Risk Tool Guides: Practical resources to inform financial service provider managers’ of their responsibility in risk management processes and steps to contribute to institution-wide awareness of risk.

Accion Insights and Lessons Learned Briefs

Accion Insights and Lessons Learned Briefs: From key topics in the financial inclusion industry, the briefs provide best practices, lessons learned, practical ideas and recommendations for direct application to your work as a practitioner. 

 eLearning Modules

These interactive eLearning Modules were developed to serve as job aids. They are designed to enhance engagement, learning, and application. Click below to get started.

Using Scoring Tools for Credit Risk Management

Operational Risk Course

Using the Detailed Risk and Control Assesment Tool for Operational Risk Management

Operational Risk Learning Module

Innovations in Assessing Willingness to Pay

Willingness to Pay Course

Developing a Targeted Customer Acquisition Strategy

Customer Acquisition Strategy Module