Accion's Moneyplan - Financial Literacy Training for Professionals and Institutions


Financial literacy is a key step toward achieving full financial inclusion. Our financial literacy program, called MoneyPlan, helps low-income individuals improve their ability to manage their personal and household finances, which empowers them to become informed and effective consumers of financial services. The core financial management skills provided in our programs allow low-income individuals to access and effectively use important asset-building tools.

Financial literacy is also a critical component of consumer protection. We strive to educate clients around the effective use of financial services so that they can avoid the risks of over-indebtedness. Our financial literacy program focuses on low-income household members with low levels of education. It includes courses on financial planning, cash flow and budgeting, savings, debt, insurance, investment and banking. The modules are all delivered with advanced adult learning techniques, such as interactive exercise, games, and role playing. The program is available in audiovisual and print formats, catering to both literate and non-literate audiences, and is available in English, Hindi, Kannada, Tamil, Malayalam, and Marathi.

How it works:

We conduct trainings for NGOs and other organizations in India in order to certify trainers who in turn deliver the trainings to their clients. These ‘training of trainers’ are delivered by our master facilitators, and take place over an intensive 5 day, 40 hour period. Our master facilitators teach staff from our partners’ proper training methodology, fundamental concepts in financial literacy, and follow-up strategies to ensure client comprehension. We conduct daily assessments which gauge trainers’ retention of concepts as well as their delivery methods and facilitation skills. At the end of the 5 day period, they are able to act as a certified trainer prepared to disseminate financial knowledge to the populations they serve.

Money Plan’s Impact:

  • Helps clients to better manage personal and household finances
  • Creates more informed consumers of financial services
  • Provides clients with consumer protection
  • Offers potential to reach a large number of participants through more cost effective delivery methods
  • Offers sequential and modular approach to concepts of financial literacy
  • Changes behavior and attitude toward saving
  • Reduces debt burden
  • Reduces in loan delinquency
  • Improves quality of life – health and education decisions


More Information:

Please download our information sheet, or contact us directly for more information on our training programs in India:

Dr. Usha Gopinath, Director, Client Education,

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