Client Education in India

Financial Literacy and Dialogue on Business in India

We provide a comprehensive set of financial education programs in India aimed at microentepreneurs. Since launching our award-winning Dialogue on Business training in India, we have worked with local and regional partners to train thousands of microentrenepreneurs throughout the country. We currently offer client education in nine Indian states and in seven languages (English, Hindi, Tamil, Marathi, Malayalam, Kannada and Gujarati). In 2013, our Dialogue on Business program in India was announced as a finalist in the Marico Innovation Foundation's Social Innovation Acceleration Program.

Dialogue on Business

Our Approach

We partner with organizations in various sectors, such as microfinance institutions, NGOs, banks, city governments and universities, to train and certify course facilitators, so they can deliver these unique training courses throughout India – in local languages and in a culturally appropriate way.

Our Team

Our global presence and extensive experience in the microfinance industry are the foundation of our client education efforts. Our team has developed a comprehensive suite of financial literacy materials focusing on the topics that are most relevant to low-income clients. In creating, delivering and evaluating our programs, we access the wealth of training expertise within Accion as well as across our network of industry partners. Accion's Client Education efforts in India are led by Dr. Usha Gopinath.


Sponsor and Partner Institutions

In India, the support of the Muthoot Pappachan Group of Kerala has made it possible for us to reach nearly 30,000 microentrepreneurs across three southern states in the country. Additionally, with support from the Citi Foundation and a partnership with Friends of Women's World Banking, we have been able to reach 6,000 microentrepreneurs in the western state of Gujarat. While Dialogue on Business in India has generally been focused on women participants, it has begun working with low-income male participants, with encouraging results.


More Information

Please contact us directly for more information on Client Education in India:

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