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Experience the power of financial inclusion firsthand

Accion’s Ambassadors Volunteer Program sends dedicated individuals to partner institutions to experience the impact that microfinance, impact investing, and financial education can have on the lives of the working poor. The program is individually funded and offers volunteers unique exposure to the work of Accion’s partners in the field.

Volunteers are typically placed at microfinance institutions, NGOs, fintech startups, and Accion’s programs in China, Guatemala, India, Mexico, Paraguay, Tanzania, United States, Zambia, and other countries as opportunities arise. Although the focus of a typical assignment is to document experiences in the field through blogging, photography, and social media, Ambassadors may be tasked with a variety of activities, from working in Human Resources to performing financial analyses.

How the Program Works

  • Ambassador placements are made to fit the unique skills and interests of qualified candidates, as well as the needs of our partners.
  • Ambassadors attend an orientation session that covers essentials as to what to expect in the field, an introduction to microfinance and Accion’s work, and how to document field experiences through blogs, social media, videos, and photography.
  • Ambassadors travel to an Accion partner institution for a minimum of two weeks. (Longer placements are also available).
  • Once in the field, Ambassadors work independently or as part of a team. There is no “typical” Ambassadors assignment.

Benefits to Ambassadors

  • Customized training and networking opportunity with microfinance pioneer Accion.
  • Valuable experience in the financial inclusion space at leading MFIs, fintech startups, and Accion programs, learning and promoting innovative field work firsthand.


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